The perfect piano position

The perfect piano position

One of the most important things about playing the piano is the position in front of the piano. Indeed, without a proper position, this could have an impact on the flexibility to reach all the keys and on the technique to hit the keys.

It is therefore important to have a correct posture on the piano bench in order to have a good position for the arms, hands, and thus have the best piano playing possible.

There are several things to consider:

The height of the seat is one of the priorities when sitting in front of a piano, as it has a decisive impact on the striking of the keys. The best solution would be to have an adjustable seat in order to adjust it to your liking and to be comfortable. If you only have a chair, you can use hard cushions to elevate yourself.

The correct piano posture is to sit close enough to the bench so that you don't have to stretch your arms out, but far enough away from the bench that you can easily stretch your arms out in both directions.

In order to get the perfect position, remember to sit forward enough to move your torso, while remaining stable.

Your hands should form an arc over the keys. Don't let your fingers be rigid, they should be relaxed so that you don't hit the keys flat. The placement of your hands is very important because it will allow you to reach all the notes you want.

With this position, you are bound to get good results. Stay tuned for our next Piano Led learning version to help you progress even faster!

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