What is a MIDI File ?

What is a MIDI File ?

For this article, we will be interested in how a MIDI file works and what it is.

What is a MIDI file ?

A MIDI file is a digital interface file of a musical instrument. They do not contain any actual audio data, which makes them much smaller. It contains a series of instructions that only a MIDI-compatible instrument can understand.

What does it do ?

It acts as instructions that explain how the sound should be produced. It explains what notes are played, when they are played and how long each note should be loud. It allows to share musical information between applications or to transfer low bandwidth internet connections.

How to create one ?

There are many sites to convert a file into a MIDI file.

A site to convert into MIDI File


How to read a MIDI file?

MIDI files can be opened with different applications such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Winamp, VLC, Wild Midi, TiMidity ++, NoteWorthy Composer, Synthesia, MuseScore, Amarok, Logic Pro from Apple. For more simplicity, MIDI files can also be played online with Online Sequencer.

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