Ranking 2022 digital pianos

Ranking 2022 digital pianos
There are different aspects to consider when buying a digital piano. Here is our ranking of the best digital pianos of 2022. We will consider all budgets and levels of pianists in our ranking. Let's start from the least expensive to the most expensive.  


Casio CT S300 - 169€


First of all, the unmissable Casio CT S300, the best cheap portable piano. It weighs 12 kg and has a handle to move easily, perfect for piano teachers who go from house to house to see their students or for someone who wants to play his passion in the street to share the joy of music. With its 400 sounds and 48 polyphonies, it's a great way to have fun while maintaining a good audio level. This piano contains all the necessary plugs (USB, midi, headphones, pedal).


Alesis Recital Pro - 408€

Then, our famous Alesis Recital Pro with the best price/quality ratio. It is a piano for beginners, easy to transport with its 12 kg. It offers a variety of 12 sounds and 128 polyphonies. Its two 20W bass speakers and two 10W tweeters emit powerful sounds for fun at any time. It has 1 headphone output, 2 outputs for connecting to external amplification systems, 1 midi output, USB and 1 pedal input.


Yamaha P - 45 - 417€

the other piano we recommend for beginners but in a higher range is the Yamaha P - 45. It has a total of 64 notes of polyphony, 10 instrument sounds. Its 2 speakers allow it to emit a sound loud enough to practice in a relatively small room or to play in front of a few people. It also includes a USB port, midi, headphone jack, and a pedal input.


Casio Privia PX S1100 - 600€

We continue with the indispensable digital piano Casio Privia PX S1100. Its keyboard has the particularity of being able to split into two keyboards for a very nice duel mode to allow a different learning by playing with a piano teacher. Its 12 kg will enable it to be easily transported between several places. It has a total of 192 polyphonies and 18 different sounds as well as all the necessary plugs (USB, midi, headphones, pedal).


Roland FP - 30X - 629€

The Roland FP - 30X is a modern and powerful digital piano with built-in speakers. It offers 56 tones and 256 polyphony with USB and Bluetooth ports, jack output, and pedal input. It is perfect for all piano neophytes who want to grow in music.


Yamaha YDP 144 ARIUS - 875€

The Yamaha YDP 144 ARIUS is in our opinion the most complete digital piano on sale right now, it contains a Midi port, USB output and 2 headphones + amplifier outputs. Its total of 10 sounds and 192 polyphonic voices, as well as its 10 demo songs for beginners, will suit as many people as possible. It includes a Pure CF Sound Engine technology for an even better sound.


Casio PX 870 - 949€

The Casio PX 870 is the best digital piano for the home. It comes at a relatively high price but it is worth it. With 256 voices and over 15 sounds thanks to its multi-dimensional Morphing Air sound generator. It is the perfect high-end piano for beginners with a total of 60 exercises and all the necessary plugs (USB, midi, headphones, pedal).  


Roland RD 88 - 1285€

For all piano lovers, the ROLAND RD 88 is for us the best digital piano to play on stage. It contains 2 speakers of 120mm and two tweeters of 20mm, with 3000 preset sounds, and 400 user scenes for professionals. It weighs only 14 kg allowing you to walk with it from scene to scene to make the ears of the audience vibrate. It contains of course all the necessary ports (USB, midi, headphone output, pedal input). 


Yamaha CLP 735 - 1667€

In our opinion, the YAMAHA CLP 735 is the best digital piano available on the market if you do not want a mobile piano. It weighs 57 kg, it contains 256 polyphonies, 21 Voice demos, 50 Piano demos and 303 practice exercises with MIDI connections (MIDI In/Out/Thru, Bluetooth) or USB (USB to Host and USB to Device).


Roland HP 704 - 2199€

Finally, to close our top 10, the ROLAND HP 704 has the most sounds and polyphonies with a total of 324 sounds, and 384 polyphonies. It has a 3D Ambiance headphone function with midi output, jack input, L line out, Mono R, headphone output, as well as an acoustic amplification allowing you to play any music piece to make your family dream.

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